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The Lady Eve (1941)

The%20Lady%20Eve%20poster.jpgThe Lady Eve (1941) IMDb, directed by Preston Sturgess, is a madcap comedy that showcases the talents of Babara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda. Two of Hollywood's favourite stars shine brightly in this lighthearted romp wherein The%20LADY_EVE-6%20Stanwyck%20mirror.jpgthe rich but hapless Mr. Charles Pike falls like a ton of bricks for the conniving Miss Jean Harrigton. And then he does it again, this time with Miss Harrignton's alter-ego, the Lady Eve Sidwich, phony English accent and all. Charles Pike doesn't seem to take note of such inconsequential details, so taken up is he with The%20LADY_EVE-5%20Fonda%20white.jpgthe Lady Eve's charms. A thoroughly enjoyable film for fans of Ms. Stanwyck and Mr. Fonda as well as for enthusiasts of the screwball genre or this era.

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