Sooner or later, life catches up with you.

Sooner or later life, catches up with you. (Cap't Jack Sparrow narrowly escapes the Pelegostos and other harrowing consequences of his piratey ways)



Some of Captain Jack Sparrow's more memorable moments of comeuppance from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies.

What's to be done with to be done with an unapologetic scallywag and shameless reprobate?

This piratey version of an old Welsh tune set my thinking in a certain direction.



This updated version of the traditional hymn, together with visuals, deepens the memory and understanding of the kids' piratey version. (Hang in there for the slow start and slow ending of Selah's modern interpretation of the classic 19th century original written by Samuel Trevor Francis with traditional music adapted by Thomas John Williams.)

 Before you write it off as totally improbable, let's just say that stranger tales have been told. Maybe Cap'n Jack would find company with other equally colourful characters at the annual reunion of the Notorious Sinners of the Samson Society.  They advertise a handbook called "Samson and the Pirate Monks".


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